Impala Open Swiss Teams 2021

Forget physical - let's go mental instead!



  • This year's Impala Open Swiss Teams takes place on RealBridge.
  • If you are new to RealBridge, please familiarise yourself with the basics in the Player Guide.


  • Sunday 21st November 2021 - 9.30AM and 2.30PM.
    • Three matches then break for lunch at about 1.30pm;
    • Two matches after lunch finishing by about 5.15pm.
  • All times given are for South Africa (GMT+2).

Confirmed entries

  • A total of 16 teams as listed here.

When to log in

  • The session will be open by 6pm on Saturday evening, but it is not necessary to register early.
  • Please log in and be seated at least ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of play.
  • Team Captains must ensure their team-mates are at the right place at the right time.

How to log in

  • Click here to be taken to the RealBridge login screen for this event.
  • In the Full Name field, please enter your first and last names (e.g. John Smith).
  • In the ID number field, please enter your SABF number if you know it or else leave the field blank.
  • Click on the Login button to enter the lobby (NB. This works only when the session is open.)
  • Locate the table (numbered 1 to 16) which has your Team Captain's surname on it.
  • Click on an empty seat (NESW) at that table and be sure to sit opposite your partner. (NB. If you sit in the wrong place, just click Leave to return to the Lobby then try again.)
  • Visit the RealBridge Camera and microphone test page to troubleshoot video and audio issues.

Competition format

  • Five matches of ten boards.
  • 75 minutes for each match plus 10 minutes for discussion/comfort-breaks between matches.
  • The first round has been seeded based on the present Performance Index (PI) of each team's players, adjusted where deemed necessary at the sole discretion of the organisers.
  • Click here to view the draw for the first round .
  • The second and subsequent rounds will follow the standard Swiss movement. 
  • Scoring and match assignments based on IMPS to VPs using the WBF 20-point Continuous scale.
  • Cash prize (R2000) and floating Steve McGibbon Trophy for first place.
  • Red (National) Master Points will be awarded.

Virtual screens and self-alerting

  • Virtual screens will be in use at every table; this means you will be able to see and talk with one opponent (known as your screen-mate), but not with your partner or their screen-mate.

  • You must alert and explain your own artificial/conventional bids. How?

    • Step 1 - type explanation in box;

    • Step 2 - click your bid.

  • Explain bids in plain English (e.g. 4-cd fit, 8-10 points) rather than by naming the convention.

  • Your partner and their screen-mate cannot see or hear you, so it is safe for you to chat aloud with your screen-mate whenever you need to:

    • seek clarification of bids made by either opponent;

    • clarify the meaning of bids made by you and/or your partner; and

    • exchange system information in general.

UNDO policy

  • Players are not permitted to request or grant an UNDO in the bidding or the play.
  • In extreme cases, call the Director who will take whatever action he feels is appropriate to restore order and equity. This may include rolling back bids made or cards played or adjusting a score.
  • Never call the Director for a change of mind!

Rules and Tips

This event is governed by the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 and the various SABF Regulations and Codes, all of which can be found here. If you find all that a little heavy-going, just remain calm and courteous at all times and adhere to these basic rules:

  • Keep your cell phone switched off during each match.
  • Log in and be seated at least ten minutes before the scheduled start of play.
  • Greet opponents and pre-announce basic system and carding at the start of each match.

  • Save time (and little grey cells) by claiming or conceding whenever you can.

  • Try to keep your camera and microphone on unless you are experiencing technical problems.

    • Do not make your own rulings - if you need assistance, call the Director.
    • Do not refer to system notes during the bidding or the play of a hand.
    • Click redial (the icon with two circular arrows to the right of your name) if your connection fails or if your video or audio gets out of sync. (NB. It is a good idea to do this every half hour or so.)
    • If you think a player is experiencing connectivity/computer problems, wait a short while (not too long) before summoning the Director.
    • Substitutes (up to a maximum of six players in a team) will be allowed in cases of emergency and/or prolonged connectivity or system issues.

    In view of loadshedding, the onus is on each player please to ensure you have working backup options available to you for power and telecommunications.

    Play well and above all - enjoy!


    NB. If the RESULTS or HAND RECORDS are not displaying correctly, try pressing Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page. If still not right, please try again later.

              Results        Hand Records

    Click here to view the full results (all bids made and cards played) in RealBridge.