SABF Trials 2024

Welcome one and all

Whether you are playing or simply keen to know what's going on, this site contains all you need to know about the SABF Trials that elect the Teams to represent South Africa in the 16th World Bridge Games which take place  in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 22nd October to 3rd November 2024.

Players enter and compete as Pairs in the OPEN, WOMEN'S and/or MIXED trials which will all take place this year on the Bridge Base Online platform where, sadly, kibitzing will not be possible

The OPEN and the WOMEN'S trials took place from Sunday 14th to Friday 19th April 2024. To go directly to the results please choose OPEN QUALIFIERS, WOMEN'S QUALIFIERS, OPEN FINALS or WOMEN'S FINALS.

The MIXED trials will take place from Sunday 5th May to Friday 10th May 2024 with morning and afternoon sessions each day. Entries for this event are now closed. For more information including the results and hand records as play unfolds, please use the menu above.

                  When each of the Trials is over, click here for a full record of the hands as played each round on BBO.

Good luck to all the players!

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